Hilton Head's Shrinking Beaches

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Forest Beach Picnic Sunday November 12th from 3-5

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Forest Beach Owners Association Urges Residents To Attend Meeting On June 6th To Fight Attempt To Erode Quality Of Life

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Forest Beach Residents Protest Twin Heron Homes At June 6th Meeting

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August 28, 2017 Update

Information About Shorewood II on HHI You Will Not SEE Elsewhere

Shorewood Owners May be Getting Scammed in an Email Fraud - February 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE from Atlantic States Management:

It has been brought to our attention that another round of spam emails have been sent out by someone posing as a former employee of Atlantic States Management, Lesli Ann Clark.  An email was sent by our office in December also regarding this issue.

Please be advised that this is not a hacking from our system.  It is someone that spoofed an email and has changed it to act as if it is coming from someone else (ASM).  Kent Eddy, President of Atlantic States Management, had an in depth conversation with George Graves of the FBI two weeks ago and was informed that this is a common scheme among people trying to obtain money as a cyber-criminal.

There is nothing that ASM can do as the email is not coming from ASM's email server. If you click on the email address or reply, you will see that it is not an ASM email.   We have verified with the third party administrators of our file and email servers that our data has not been compromised and that your information is safe.

If you receive an email asking for payment and you are unsure of its validity, please don't hesitate to contact our office to verify. Atlantic States Management, (843) 785-3278 Hilton Head, (843) 837-2520 Bluffton.


Steve Sheppard's term as Board President ended and he moved out of Shorewood II. Enough Said.

Emails from ASM May Be Fraudulent

IMPORTANT NOTICE from Atlantic States Management: Some of you may have received an email from "Lesli Ann Clark" or "Sarah Colian" with an attachment stating that you have a balance with ASM or something similar. Please be advised that these emails are not from Atlantic States Management. Someone is using the names of our previous employees to send SPAM emails. DO NOT open any attachments sent stating they are from ASM unless the ending of the email address is "" or the email signature contains accurate ASM contact information.

Shorewood Pool Reopens Today - November 19, 2018

The motor has been replaced and the pool at Shorewood is open.

Information About Shorewood II on HHI You Will Not SEE Elsewhere

Shorewood Pool Reopens Today - November 19, 2018

The motor has been replaced and the pool at Shorewood is open.

Shorewood Pool Remains Closed - Updated November 13, 2018

We have been informed that the pool now remains CLOSED until November 27, 2018.

Shorewood Pool Closes Again - November 2018

We have been informed that the Shorewood Pool will be closed again this time until November 7th.

Please contact Atlantic States Management if you have any questions.

Shorewood Pool Closure 10/15 to 10/31

The Shorewood pool will be closed from October 15th to October 31st to complete some additional pool drain repairs. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact Katie at Atlantic States Management by phone (843) 837-2520 ext 2004, or Email.

Fecal Matter Contaminates Shorewood Pool, Problem Apparently Solved.

On July 25th we were notified that fecal matter contamination closed the pool at Shorewood. It was expected to reopen at 5 that day but we have heard nothing since then. I assume there's no more fecal matter in the pool?

Good News Update! March 9th, 2018.

They're gone. The Propses sold the final unit they owned at Shorewood II.

Good and Bad News at Shorewood II.

Atlantic States Management has hired a new employee to get the property looking neat and clean. Unfortunately this young lady received almost no training and needed help from a unit owner to figure out how to open the lock to the lock box. It's three turns of the dial, not four.

She did, however, go around and tell the owners and renters to clean up the appearance of their units. For example, in the picture below she told the people to get their towels off the railings.

On a disappointing note, Steve Sheppard, board president for another 15 months is still leading by example with clutter outside his door, as the photo below shows. I would like Atlantic States Management to tell us if he is pressuring employees not to make him clean up his entrance. He previously lashed out in a threatening manner at another owner who pointed out the problem with his entrance.

$74,000 Shortfall For Shorewood I, II and III. Shorewood IV Fires Atlantic States Management.

Shorewood IV has fired Atlantic States Management and stopped paying fees. The shortfall now falls on Shorewood I, II and III. It remains to be seen what type of liens might be placed on property in these regimes and how it would affect transfer of title.

Click here to read the June 16, 2017 letter from the Shorewood Commons Board.

Over a month later $74,000 Shortfall still not accounted for.

You should check with your lawyer to see if you have a clear title to your property if you are buying or selling in Shorewood. This is especially true if you own or are thinking of buying in Shorewood IV.

"Slumlords?" Meet Atlantic States Management in Hilton Head Island Condominiums

Are Opal Propes and James Propes still slumming on South Forest Beach Drive on Hilton Head Island after all these years? It seams like they are. After recent inspection management said there are glaring problems in two of their bathrooms and more in the third one. I’m not saying they are slumlords, you will have to decide for yourself.

For 10 years they have been leaking water on their downstairs neighbors which may come from loose water pipes in unit 506. Years ago Attorney Ed Bullard and the regime promised to get downstairs owners the name of the Propes' insurance company because they were so socially irresponsible and lacking in decency they would not provide the owners whose property they damaged with that information.  Bullard and the regime board backed down and never got the information but promised the leak in unit 506 was permanently fixed.

In May of 2014 another leak was discovered downstairs and management company ASI or the regime had to pay for the repairs.

The new management company at Shorewood II is Atlantic States Management (ASM). I rate their customer service on a scale of 1 to 10 as a 2.  I feel sorry for you if you have to deal with Brady Jamison, Kent Eddy, David Howard or anyone else at this company. They do not timely respond to phone calls or emails. When they do answer emails they don’t answer questions they’re asked and just seem to blow off the inquiry or use family problems as an excuse for poor service.

ASM said the problem with the Propes' slum like pipes had been fixed and later responded in such a manner that no one could tell tell if they had been truthful.  Instead of handling a simple plumbing repair or answering a simple question they said they would talk to the board and get back to other owners with an answer. They still cannot say if the problems were fixed as of July 2016.

ASM may not be the company for you if you are thinking of buying a condominium in Hilton Head and need to protect your property.

Their rental company is Goode Vacation Rentals. One has to wonder if they told any renters of these horrific problems. Goode Vacation Rentals is extremely poor at communicating. I doubt they tell their renters what they are getting into.

Will Shorewood II Slum-Out After 40 Years?

Units leaking in multiple places, one owner not able to use her unit for 5 months because of flooding, a management company with employees who don't follow through, trespassers using the pool and vandalism. On June 1, 2016 the dilapidated refrigerator in one of the Propes' units leaked water onto their floor, through association property and to at least one unit below.

Beware of the Shorewood II Board President

He lives in one of the units on the property, but fortunately you won't see it when you drive through the gate. You won't see the clutter outside his entry door which is against the property rules. Leading by example? Judging from the renters' clutter at other entryways he probably is.

But that's not the worst of it. That part is only visual. The real problem is having to deal with his erratic sometimes irrational personality of Board President Steve Sheppard. One day he tries to help owners protect their property from irresponsible owners. Another day he abruptly announces he's quiting his efforts.

It gets even worse when he decides to undermine the attempts of responsible property owners to protect their property from people like Opal Propes and James Propes.

Good News.

The Propes have owned multiple units in Shorewood II. We understand that they recently sold one unit and now own only one. The Propeses aren't gone yet. Will the board finally do something like passing a rule requiring the building inspector to be called anytime there is a code violation that affects another owner?

More Good News

The Propes are selling their final unit in Shorewood II. Thank you.


Brady Jamison has left ASM and is no longer involved in Shorewood II management.

Suspicious Fire at Shorewood II Knocks Out Electricity to the Entire Building

On October 30th 2016 a suspicious fire in the trash room of Shorewood II knocked out power to the entire building. Electricity was restored sometime later.

All the power to the building was knocked out when the fire broke out in the separate trash room. There has been no report of whether security cameras captured anyone entering or leaving the trash room around the time of the fire.

The fire department is still investigating the cause and has not determined one yet.

Shorewood II Slams the Door in the Building Inspector's Face

At the October 2016 meeting the board voted not to call the building inspector if a careless villa owner with a code violation lets water leak into other units causing damage to them. The board president, according to the minutes, gave a false history of prior problems caused by careless owners damaging innocent owner's property by leaks coming from their unit. He denied that an ongoing problem which many people knew about ever happened.

Imagine a third floor unit with a huge flood causing damage to units on both sides and units below. Hide all this from the building inspector?

Shorewood II Board President Calling It Quits

Board President Steve Sheppard has announced he is going to step down. Unfortunately, he is going to wait until the end of his term in 2018. Some owners are unhappy with his erratic behavior and inconsistent positions as well as undermining the efforts of responsible owners to protect themselves from irresponsible ones. Another cause of unhappiness with him is his false portrait or denial of problems caused by irresponsible owners and rejection of help from the building inspector.

Update: Shorewood II Board President: Meltdown or Angry Moment?

In April 2017 Board President Steve Sheppard sent an angry, profane, what was considered threatening, email to a quiet considerate owner warning them to keep off his 5 floor 15 unit side of the building. Apparently he was angry that the other owners wanted him to follow the rules and lead by example. Shorewood II would have a hard time finding a worse board president if he resigned immediately.

Shorewood II Management Has Never Fixed the Problem with Junking Up the Entrance of Units

Owners have been asking the regime and management company to enforce the rule against placing items in hallways or the entrance to units for years. Less than a half-hearted effort has been made even though a ten minute walk to do an inspection would suffice to do an inspection of all the thirty units. The Board President has led by example as one of the photos below taken in February 2017 shows the clutter outside his unit.

No apparent effort has been made to keep signs off entryways as the political, anti-law enforcement sign posted on the entrance to unit 202 shown below reveals.

Click on Photos below to enlarge.


The anti-law enforcement poster on a door in violation of Shorewood II rules has been removed after this posting.

Dogs Run Loose at Shorewood II

In March of 2017 two dogs were running loose on this "No Dogs Allowed" property. The renters who own the dogs claimed they were service dogs, but obviously service dogs don't run loose. it has been reported that the unit owner fired their rental agent after this occurred.

Problems at Holiday Inn on South Forest Beach Drive Hilton Head

If you stay in this motel or visit or own property within one half mile or more of the Holiday Inn on Hilton Head Island, you know what I’m talking about. There are numerous complaints from residents and management about the loud music that can be heard during the day and after 1:00 a.m. on some occasions.  A call to management about this problem resulted in no relief.  If you don’t want to gamble on whether you can sleep at night, or be intruded upon during the day, stay far away.

Hilton Head Mayor says illegally subdivided condos attract unsavory characters and cause fire hazards.

In addition to what the Mayor said, an owner of a unit at Oceanwalk on South Forrest Beach Drive said these units allow criminals to hide in plain sight. Residents have begged the town to prohibit the practice of "off-the-grid" unregulated apartments. They say the occupants rent by cash and don't have to give a legal name or pass a background check. Bruce Bartow, an Oceanwalk owner is working to ban the splitting practice.

These complaints add to the problems caused by loud music that can be heard coming from the Holiday Inn hundreds of yards away, and the problem with trespassers at the Shorewood Villas pool.

For more information on this fire hazard and the possible dangers of criminals hiding in plain sight see the following links.

Crime Problem on Hilton Head Island Caused by Subdivided Units and Anonymous Criminals

This announcement was sent by the Forest Beach Owners Association on January 19, 2016

Tomorrow morning at 10:00AM, in Council Chambers at Town Hall, the Public Safety Committee will host another meeting to specifically address the public safety and crime issues in Forest Beach. This is a very important meeting because after this meeting the committee will decide what recommendations to make to the Town Council and Mayor concerning public safety and crime in Forest Beach. We need to be there tomorrow to give them our input so please attend if at all possible.

As you know, most of our recent public safety concerns have focused on how illegally subdivided condos and homes have led to an increase in criminal activity in Forest Beach. We have proven this to the committee with Beaufort County Sheriff Office crime statistics. We need the committee to tell Town Council and the Mayor to instruct Town Staff to enforce Town building codes and shut down these subdivided rentals. These rentals are a major source of crime in Forest Beach and the Town Council needs to address it. More police patrols, and especially foot patrols, would help treat the symptoms of crime, but the illegal substandard housing problem is the root of the crime. Town Staff needs to enforce Code and we need you there to help us make that point.

Don't forget,  tomorrow Wednesday 1/20 at 10:00AM in Council Chambers.


Jack Daly 

Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors Video

Photo 1: View from just below 506 Shorewood II.

Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors

Photo 2: View from backyard of Shorewood II 21 S. Forest Beach Drive.

If you are renting property sight unseen on Hilton Head Island or anywhere else there are many things you should consider and ask about before putting your money down. These include quality of the unit you are renting, its view and the neighborhood.

For example, if you rent unit 506 in Shorewood II at 21 S. Forest Beach Drive you will be told you have a view of the ocean. However, you will also have a horrible view of Beachwood, the property next door and the mechanicals exposed on its roof. They are also visible from the beach.

What does the yard look like is another question you should ask. The scene depicted in photograph number 1 shows the view from a little bit below unit 506 in Shorewood II at 21 S. Forest Beach Drive and the other picture shows the view for the yard looking toward Beachwood.

The good news is someone's dog probably won't awaken you at 5:00 in the morning because pets are not allowed on the property, but dogs have been known to be kept on the property late at night and the regime manager, Associa, will not guarantee you won't hear a barking dog, and may not keep other promises.

When dealing with Associa Association Services, Inc. (also known as Associa) employees Carl Lewis and Craig Lester, my advice is to get anything they promise in writing. Do not discuss anything with them you don't want repeated.

Shorewood II has fired Associa Association Services, Inc. (also known as Associa) as of May 31, 2014. Hopefully the problems with them are gone forever.

Associa manages several properties on the island. They have had, at least in their mind, conflicting interests between different properties and have been known to undermine what's in the best interest of one or both property owners.

Fortunately Shorewood replaced Associa with P.A.I. Unfortunately, P.A.I. went out of business without any advance notice to the regime management. Atlantic States Management Inc. has replaced Associa.

There are many sources of information about rentals on Hilton Head including and