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Miele USA, Inc.

Miele USA, Inc.
9 Independence Way
Princeton, NJ 08540

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Category: Appliances

Miele is a German manufacturer founded in 1899. We have to agree with its claim that it makes great products and provides great service. Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc. installed our Miele dishwasher so long before we finally got to use it that our warranty had expired. When we used it, it did not work because of improper installation. Miele first hired Larry's Appliance Service Inc. to fix the machine then had John Burrows and Burrows Appliance Repair attempt the same thing. Neither was competent or concerned enough to solve the problem.

What Miele did next was send a factory technician all the way from Orlando, Florida at no cost to us. He promised to either fix our Miele dishwasher in 2 hours or give us a new machine free. He kept the promise made to us by the Miele New Jersey Service Center that they would stay on the job until our problem was fixed even though our warranty had expired.

Since purchasing our Miele dishwasher, we have also purchased a washer and a dryer from them. We are in the process of replacing another dishwasher with a Miele.

Miele is a solid company that stands behind its products and one I highly recommend.

Update: The Miele Dishwasher we bought for our home is the Futura classic model. It works perfectly and is extremely quiet.