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Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc.

dryer vent

Johnson-Delaney Builders, Inc. fastened a heavy vent pipe from our dryer to the outside vent with duct tape and glue. Hot air caused the two sections to separate. It was fixed by a competent builder in about fifteen minutes.

Close up of bottom vent pipe

Close up of bottom vent pipe. It was fastened from our dryer to the outside vent with duct tape and glue by Johnson-Delaney Builders.


When Johnson-Delaney Builders, Inc. installed our HVAC air leaked from the top and water leaked from the bottom. Pipes had to be removed because they were not installed properly. A later partial re-installation of the unit cost us $1,500.


Some of the holes for the pegs were not parallel and slanted downward causing the shelf to fall.


Many of the shelves were the wrong size and would not fit on the pegs.

Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc.
12 New Orleans Road
Hilton Head Isle, SC 29928

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Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc. advertised itself as the premiere builder in Hilton Head, South Carolina and promised us a ninety (90) day rehab job. They turned it into a nightmare lasting over four (4) years. They said they would finish on schedule, on budget and to our satisfaction. They did none of these things. I could write a book on how bad Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc and their tile setter Raymond L. Sist Ceramic Tile performed. It cost us over $200,000.00 to have to redo the tile work and repair other work done by Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc. They had to pay us a six (6) figure settlement package but that did not cover the damage they did. In September of 2005 Bruce Yeager, Jr. was in charge of what he promised it would be a ninety (90) day project. In March of 2009 I was finally able to spend my first night in our property.

Instead of completion in ninety (90) days what we got from Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc., Bruce Yeager, Jr. and Robert Tanner, Jr. was spin, excuses and delays. They never finished the job. We had to hire numerous other builders to redo work that they did wrong or did not complete.

For example, the black granite tile throughout was not cemented down properly and had to be taken up and replaced. The tile walls in the bathrooms were not fastened to the studs and consequently bowed. They had to be replaced by another company. The wrong kitchen cabinets were installed. They were also too long and just inches off the counter. They were not even installed until long after the ninety (90) day completion date we were promised. The bid for electrical work was less than $11,000.00 but we were charged over $27,000.00.

Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc.'s bid was approximately $145,000.00 and with upgrades they billed us over a quarter of a million dollars. This does not include our losses and what we had to pay other builders to fix their work and complete the job.

Many of the shelves in the bathroom and bedroom closets were the wrong size and would not fit on the pegs. Some of the holes for the pegs were not placed parallel and some were slanted downward so the peg would slant downward and cause the shelf to fall.

The vent from the dryer was attached to the outside vent with glue and duct tape. Hot air going through the vent caused the two pieces to separate and lint to disburse. When we got a competent builder to fix it, the job took about fifteen (15) minutes.

The air handler was installed wrong by Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc.'s subcontractor. This required an emergency repair and a later partial reinstallation that cost $1,500.00.

Bruce Yeager, Jr. told us he was the only builder on the island with a master's degree. Alter years of dealing with him we insisted that company president, Robert Tanner, Jr. complete our project. Not only did he not complete the project but we found him course, crude, difficult to work with and someone who did not keep promises that Bruce Yeager, Jr. had made to us previously.

When we used the washer that they installed we found that the hot water was hooked up to the cold and vice versa.

By the way, I did not get into the damage that Johnson-Dulaney, Builders, Inc. workers did to our property during the construction process but they did not carry any insurance that would cover our losses.

If you would ever consider using Johnson-Dulaney, Builders, Inc., I strongly suggest you get everything they say in writing and have an attorney review their contract and delete what is in their best interest but not in yours.

Our unit turned out beautifully. Unfortunately, this is in spite of not because of Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc. I would not recommend Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc. for any building job regardless of how much hype or spin is contained in their sales pitch.

We understand that Bruce C.Yeager, Jr., has left Johnson-Dulaney and taken a job at South Carolina Bank and Trust in the mortgage loan department. I am sure the loan process won't be four and a half years of spin and delays. Whether the leaving of Bruce C.Yeager, Jr., is going to improve the quality of work and the keeping of promises at Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc., remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc. dissolved in 2013 and is no longer in business.

I won't speculate but I can only imagine why this company went out of business. Let our experience with this company educate and warn you. Do your homework before hiring a contractor.

The former president of Johnson Delaney for over 10 years was Robert Tanner. He was extremely difficult to work with. In 2012 he became founder and president of Norman Contracting Group, LLC. Before hiring a brand new company investigate the history of the principals.