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John Burrows and Burrows Appliance Repair

John Burrows and Burrows Appliance Repair
2094 Okatie Highway
Bluffton, SC29909-4600

Category: Appliance Repair

John Burrows and Burrows Appliance Repair rate as the worst of the worst. He works out of a post office box and a phone with voicemail in Bluffton, S.C. The first time he was to come to our residence to repair our dishwasher he called us an hour and forty minutes after the latest time at which he was scheduled to arrive. Alter he identified himself he asked if we “still wanted him to come to do the service?" When he did arrive he was unable to fix our machine but diagnosed the problem as needing one part to be replaced. We scheduled an appointment for approximately three (3) weeks later. He would not give us a time frame for his arrival but said he would call us early in the morning to tell us when he would arrive.

On the morning of our appointment he did not call. We got voicemail when we called him and left a message. He called back later and said he was now cancelling our appointment and would not do the repairs that had been scheduled weeks in advance because he could not take responsibility for our floors. I asked him why he waited until the day of our appointment to tell us this and he said that it took him this long to “think it through". Does this take weeks? It should be pointed out that the work was to be done not on a floor but on an installed dishwasher and the tile floor had been walked on by many people without any damage to or concern.

He hung up before I could ask him to deliver the parts so we could have someone else do the installation. I called back and left a message. Although we were in Hilton Head for another nine (9) days he never returned our call or delivered the parts. The manufacture attempted to contact him and was unable to do so as well.

I should also say-and everything in here is just an opinion-that he showed zero interest in the customer and zero concern for customer service. Whatever system you use to rate servicemen I would rate him as the Worst of the worst.