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Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors

Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors Video

Video showing outlet installed behind sliding door making it unuseable if you ever decide to close the door.

Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors

Photo of outlet with door open.

Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors

Photo of outlet with sliding door closed. Fortunately there are enough other outlets to accomodate electrical needs.

Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors
374 Spanish Wells Rd # C
Hilton Head, SC 29926

Category: Electricians

Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors gave us a bid of less than $11,000 and ended up charging over $27,000 for electrical work. We do not know if they intentionally gave us a low ball offer, just did not do their job completely when giving Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc., the bid or what happened. We never could get a satisfactory response from Bruce C. Yeager, Jr., nor did we get one from Robert N. Tanner, Jr.

We believe what happened was Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors, after it had given us its bid, decided to get a code inspection by the city of Hilton Head. It is clear that no code changes occurred from the original bid to the date of the installation. It appears that by not considering the code requirements in effect at the time of its bid, Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors and Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Inc., were able to charge over $16,000 in addition to the original electric bid.

What were the electricians thinking? The video and photos on the left show that we were apparently charged for an almost useless electrical outlet covered by a sliding door.