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Atlantic Freight of Savannah, Georgia
25 Artley Rd # B
Savannah, GA 31408

Category: Shipping, Freight

The movers we hired to deliver our headboard subcontracted the job to Atlantic Freight of Savannah, Georgia which promises friendly service and the peace of mind that can only come from a vender that has your best interest at heart. We would never hire Atlantic Freight of Savannah again an we were assured by the mover we actually hired that they never would either. They wasted hours of our time.

The driver arrived with a wooden crate weighing a couple hundred pounds and no helper. He was not able to make the delivery. He called for help which took hours to arrive. We asked him to look at the route to be taken to the point of delivery. He refused to do this saying he would not need to see it unless the crate was actually delivered. Instead of helping the customers he laid across the seat of the delivery truck with the soles of his shoes on the driver's door window. When his help did arrive they were still unable to make the delivery.

When the driver got out of his truck he found a driver's license someone had dropped. He asked a woman passing by where the office was so he could return it.

To make a long story short he, amazingly, did not notice that the picture on the driver's license was that of the woman he asked for directions.

Fortunately, Hilton Head Moving and Storage, Inc., which I highly recommend, was able to complete the job expeditiously and to our satisfaction.