Airline Travel Disasters and Solutions.

Spirit Airlines Pilot Work Slowdown Causes Riots

This Monday morning violence erupted at an airport in Florida after Spirit Airlines canceled multiple flights due to a pilot dispute.
Read more and see video here.

Young Family with Two Small Children Threatened with Prison and Thrown Off Delta Flight

A California family was kicked off a flight from Maui to Los Angeles and threatened with jail for refusing to give up a seat.
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Upside Is a New travel Company with Discounts for Small Business Travelers

Click here to see a complete description of this new service started by the founder of Priceline.

Airline Passengers Fighting on Video-Flight from Tokyo To L.A.

Watch passengers brawl on May 2, 2017 here.

Flight Attendant Assaults Woman with Baby-Threatens Male Passenger

See the whole 2 1/2 minute video from April 22, 2017 here.

Man Removed From Delta Flight for Using Bathroom

Delta passenger removed from flight for using bathroom before takeoff. Read more and see video here.

United Airlines Changes Policy On Employee Boarding

United employees who intend to travel on scheduled passenger flights will now have to arrive at least 60 minutes early to be able to board. Click here.

But, there could be unintended consequences. If some of the crew members miss their flight to another airport, passengers on the flight they were scheduled to take will have their flight cancelled or delayed for hours.

So, is it better to pay three or four passengers to give up their seats at the last minute or have a hundred and fifty passengers have their flight cancelled because the airline crew didn't get to the airport?

Flight Delayed or Overbooked? Even If You Are Not a Doctor Dragged Off a Flight, Get Compensation

If your flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked in the last three years airhelp may be able to get you compensation. They charge no fee if you are not compensated. Click here.

For more on this subject see "I got bumped from a flight then I sued" by clicking here.

Canada is to adopt legislation on overbooked flights. Click here.

Delta OKs offers of up to $9,950 to flyers who give up seats. Click here.

Online Ways to Track Air Miles
These websites offer ways to automatically track your airline miles to match them to the best available deals and to be sure that they don't expire. syncs with hundreds of rewards programs. sends alerts about flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes and allows sharing of itineraries. searches for flights and hotels and calculates the cost in cash the number of points needed. tracks more than 300 rewards programs and calculates the cash value of points or number of frequent-flier points needed. tracks hotel and airline rewards programs and daily deal sites including

Find the Best and Worst Airline Seats
Go to The site offers more than seven hundred layouts and ratings for more than one hundred airlines. It contains research and feedback from travelers as well as cabin configurations.

Route Happy thinks fliers need better information when they shop. Route Happy provides information on how flights are differentiated. It scores flights based on a number of criteria including leg room, width and amenities such as power outlets. It also compares competing flights to and from destinations.