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If you own a second home in Hilton Head, Bluffton, or anywhere, for that matter it is difficult to tell the best from the worst when it comes to finding the right service people, builders, plumbers and even restaurants.  In Hilton Head it has been especially difficult to avoid land mines -- service providers that may have a great sales pitch but are disappointing, unconcerned and just don't care about the customer.  After all, you live hundreds or thousands of miles away and it is difficult to get what you have been promised. 

I am going to give frank, honest opinions based on personal experience.  Please remember the experience of others with the same providers may have been different but there is almost nowhere you can go to get an unbiased opinion directly from a consumer who is not also thinking about selling advertisements in print or on the web. 

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Hilton Head and Bluffton Business Directory

The businesses below are not listed in any particular order, alphabetically or by quality of service.
From time to time this list will be added to.

We found these 6 to be among the WORST:
Johnson-Dulaney Builders, Atlantic Freight of Savannah, John Burrows and Burrows Appliance Repair, Larry's Appliance Service, Raymond L. Sist Ceramic Tile, Boni & Son's Electrical Contractors.
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We found these 11 to be among the BEST:
E.A.C. Heating and Air, Hilton Head Moving and Storage, Labbe Glass, Healthy Environments, Miele, Advanced Integrated Controls, Commercial Flooring and Design Services, TCH Enterprises, The Woodshop, The Greenery, and Jarvis Plumbing.
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A Note of Caution Regarding Manufacturer Supplied Service People

When the manufacturer of an appliance is required to provide service it is normal for them to choose the service person. The person they choose may not be an employee of their company or trained at their factory. He may be a "jack of all trades" independent contractor who has seldom, if ever, worked on appliances like yours.

Also consider that an independent service provider hired by the factory may have little loyalty regarding the quality or timeliness of your service. My suggestion is to ask for a factory employee. If that is not possible, ask who is being sent, whether they have used the person before, if the person has experience on this type of product and if they have ever received complaints about this person. Then check the person out on your own before you agree to have the service work done, if you do not want to go through a John Burrows or Larry's Service experience.